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Nky’s Kitchen


Cabbage Eba, Anyone?

“Cabbage what?” I hear you ask. “What about cabbage moi-moi? Cauliflower jollof rice?” You are probably thinking I have gone a bit crazy. Not quite! These are just few of pretty creative dishes favoured by Nigerians following a Ketogenic Diet (or Keto as it is popularly known) For those that

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The Nigerian Cook’s Arsenal

Recently, a foodie friend (The Hunter Gatherer, as I call him) and I were having a chat about what makes a good Nigerian Cook … this got me thinking. Various thoughts went through my mind: which dishes are viewed as quintessentially Nigerian? Jollof, Egusi Soup, Okro Soup, Rice & Stew,

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Thinking about Cooking Oils in Nigeria

I love wandering round markets, particularly food markets – it does not matter which country I find myself in, I almost always find time to visit a street market. I love the informality of the experience and looking at the ways in which they display their goods – each country

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