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On duty of Police to provide security for all protesters

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On the 22nd day of September 2003 the police disrupted the rally convened by the defunct All Nigeria Peoples’ Party (ANPP) to protest the rigging of the 2003 general election. The police authorities justified the disruption by claiming that the organizers of the rally did not obtain a police permit.

Why Buhari Is Doing Exceptionally Well

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By Shuaib I. Shuaib

Embarking on his first tour of Africa in July 2009, newly elected president of the United States, Barrack Obama delivered a speech at the Ghanaian parliament that echoed all across the African continent.

How Is Technology Changing Africa?

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By Harrison Roberts

Almajiri And The Future Of The Nigerian Project

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- Femi Olugbile


The number of almajiri children on the streets in the towns and cities of Northern Nigeria is humongous. It is said there may be as many as three million in Kano State alone.

The Shambles Of The Current Forex Regulations By Emmanuel Nwachukwu

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For decades bad policy decisions have bedevilled development in Nigeria and fuelled corruption. We have tended to go for populist solutions and ignored the long term impact of such decisions on the economy.  The recent changes to Nigeria’s foreign exchange regulations are oneof such policy decisions.

How Donald Trump Defeated the American Media -- By Akeem Soboyede

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Akeem Soboyede


Donald Trump’s stunning and “upset” victory over Hillary Clinton in the recent US presidential election should primarily go down in history as the triumph of a political outsider over a corrupt and arrogant media industrial-complex, not necessarily as the triumph of a derided billionaire against a woman that was a political insider like no other.

A sickening country of conscienceless people By Tunde Fagbenle

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Tunde Fagbenle


      To be sure, there have been many times past in the short life of this country when many people are overwhelmed by a sense of frustration almost to the point of despair about the future of the country.

How Not to Rent Lawyers By Abimbola Adelakun

Lawyers Wig
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Some months ago, President Muhammadu Buhari urged Nigerian lawyers not to defend corrupt people, but rather to expose them when they approach lawyers for representation.

Buhari spoke against the backdrop of an anti-graft war being fought with the apparatuses of a weakened judicial system that has become routinely exploitable and violable.