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Nky’s Kitchen

My Breakfast or Yours?

What do you have for the most important meal of the day?  Yam and stew?  Akara and pap? Bread and stew? Cereal? Leftovers from the night before? Variations of the same basic ingredients: yam, plantain, beans, stew, rice? Nothing? Personally, I tend to eat leftovers from the night before as

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Trendy Cooking

It is funny how things turn out. When I was asked to write an article on new cooking techniques, I had just come back from a Food Smoking Course. Well, when I started the research for this article, I was tickled pink to find that I was “on trend” for

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Cabbage Eba, Anyone?

“Cabbage what?” I hear you ask. “What about cabbage moi-moi? Cauliflower jollof rice?” You are probably thinking I have gone a bit crazy. Not quite! These are just few of pretty creative dishes favoured by Nigerians following a Ketogenic Diet (or Keto as it is popularly known) For those that

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The Nigerian Cook’s Arsenal

Recently, a foodie friend (The Hunter Gatherer, as I call him) and I were having a chat about what makes a good Nigerian Cook … this got me thinking. Various thoughts went through my mind: which dishes are viewed as quintessentially Nigerian? Jollof, Egusi Soup, Okro Soup, Rice & Stew,

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Kill The Hypocrisy About Religious Studies In Schools

At a time when you would think there are enough small fires in the country, the religious army has started yet another small fire in schools.   For most of the time this week the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council had to whip out the hoses to douse the

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