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24m Yankee cowries for 419 consultants

With the new Sheriff in town practically tightening the noose on looters and plugging the avenues by which they siphon public funds, some public officials are getting very, very creative these day. A reminder of Chinua Achebe’s with that, “If the hunter learns to shoot without missing, the bird also

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Between Trump, Kongi and OBJ

With the United States more or less unraveling today over President Donald Trump’s eccentric governance style, a statement by his opponent in the 2016 polls, Hillary Clinton, surely comes to mind: “A man who is quick to tweet is not to be trusted with the nuclear button at the Oval

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Edo’s bizarre politricks

From Edo, the acclaimed heartbeat of the nation, it seems to be one bizarre tale after another these days. The other day, it was the story of a herd of cows chasing pupils from a public school and filling the classrooms with steaming dung. And when a mystery bill suddenly

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The 11 Buhari Pictures And Fayose

We have been trying to find out whether it is indeed true that Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose, has 11 pictures of ailing President Muhammadu Buhari which he threatened to release like a time bomb. While some sources say that insiders in Buhari’s government may have found in Fayose a

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