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Books That Changed My Life

Top 10 Books For This Christmas

Nothing quite celebrates the feeling of this beautiful season like an engrossing and wonderful book. Many stories have been written about Christmas and the accompanying festivities, but very few of those take the theme and make it into something truly special and important. Here are our 10 finest picks. The

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Books That Will Help You Mourn

It’s true that we all crave constant happiness. But there will always come a time when that is impossible, especially, when someone close passes. Below are listed some highly recommended grief and loss books, often reported as being helpful and comforting by those grieving the passing of a dear one.

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Eight books to read before you get married

Relationships are personal. You can read 100 books about love and marriage and still be surprised to learn that your spouse never makes the bed, but has a weird thing about organizing the dishwasher. That said, if you’re planning or hoping to get hitched, you should probably be open to all the relationship advice you can

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22 Books Everyone Should Read During Divorce

Continued from last edition   Last edition we featured the first 10 of the 22 books. Here we are with remaining 12. No divorce comes easy to the principal parties. Nevertheless, there are things that can make the phase or period less traumatic. This wonderful collection from Huffpost Divorce bloggers

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Top 10 Amazing Reads For June

Looking for Amazing books this month? We present you 10 picks from Amazon by the Business Insider team. Hope you enjoy them as much the team did.   Arundhati Roy: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness Arundhati Roy has not written a novel since the internationally bestselling and beloved “The God

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