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Eight books to read before you get married

Relationships are personal. You can read 100 books about love and marriage and still be surprised to learn that your spouse never makes the bed, but has a weird thing about organizing the dishwasher. That said, if you’re planning or hoping to get hitched, you should probably be open to all the relationship advice you can

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As a people and a country, we have endured a myriad of issues over the years and somehow we always seem to bounce back (and this is open to opposing views), but at least as a country, we are still standing.  Nigeria can therefore be described as a resilient country

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Trendy Cooking

It is funny how things turn out. When I was asked to write an article on new cooking techniques, I had just come back from a Food Smoking Course. Well, when I started the research for this article, I was tickled pink to find that I was “on trend” for

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Does Your Dad Not Beat Your Mum?

Jopa’s Daughter with Olubunmi Ajai Layode My younger friend had her introduction a few weeks ago and is getting married in a couple of months. I am so very happy for her because she could have made a bad choice that would have landed her in a miserable marriage. She

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24m Yankee cowries for 419 consultants

With the new Sheriff in town practically tightening the noose on looters and plugging the avenues by which they siphon public funds, some public officials are getting very, very creative these day. A reminder of Chinua Achebe’s with that, “If the hunter learns to shoot without missing, the bird also

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