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Jopa’s Daughter

On Self-respect And Side Chics

I saw a post on Facebook today that really annoyed me. A lady made a poster and put the telephone number and picture of another lady that was supposedly the husband’s side chic. She called the lady in the picture ‘Satan’ and demanded that she left her husband. What if

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On Happy Lone Parenting Vs. Unhappy Step Parenting

I used to be a lone parent when I fled domestic violence. Before I met my husband, I was very wary of the men that courted me. When men court or try to court lone parents, they know that the dearest persons to their heart are their children, so they

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Does Your Dad Not Beat Your Mum?

Jopa’s Daughter with Olubunmi Ajai Layode My younger friend had her introduction a few weeks ago and is getting married in a couple of months. I am so very happy for her because she could have made a bad choice that would have landed her in a miserable marriage. She

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