February 1, 2017      12:29

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US Embassy Hints At Review Of Visa Rules

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The Embassy of the United States in Nigeria has given a hint that it might review the existing rules on nonimmigrant visas, under which Nigerians are currently given two-year multiple entry visas.

TheCable had reported early on that after the executive order signed by President Donald Trump last week, Nigerians may no longer enjoy two-year multiple entry visas since Nigeria issues only one year multiple entry visas to US citizens travelling to Nigeria.

In an email interview with The Interview on Tuesday, the US Embassy commented for the first time on the tenure and cost of visas under the Trump dispensation:

U.S. law requires the validity of nonimmigrant visas and nonimmigrant visa fees to be based in so far as practicable on the treatment accorded to US citizens.

The goal of visa reciprocity is to obtain progressive visa regimes, consistent with US national interests, laws and regulations, to encourage international travel that benefits US travelers and business.

Based on the Nigerian government’s treatment of US travelers to Nigeria, the US government generally issues multiple entry nonimmigrant visas with a validity of two years to eligible individuals traveling on a Nigerian passport.

For further information on reciprocity, please consult the Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs travel information website.


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