March 20, 2016      21:53

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BASS: Investing In Our Collective Future.....One School At A Time

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For the pupils, teachers and management of Kubwa Junior Secondary School, Abuja, Wednesday, February 17 2016 was a day like no other.

Not Only was it different, it was refreshing so.

On that day, pupils- the most outstanding-became the founding members of the Banc & All Scholars.

They also received the scholarship award letters with a cheque covering the total cost of the scholarship for the first academic year.

BASS is a corporate social responsibility initiative of Banc & All Printing and Publishing Company LTD, publisher of The Interview.

The scheme is designed to see the beneficiaries through JSS1 to SS3 and covers tuition, books and PTA fees.

We thought we should present to you the happy scholars......



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